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Features an excellent mp3 catalogue. Find the composer and piece you want, then press ‘listen to or download’, Choose your voice part with either ‘voice with metronome’ or ‘emphasised voice and other voices’. Then press ‘save’. After pressing ‘save’ again, it will go to your desktop.

Learn Choral Music 


A constantly updated site offering freely downloadable files in MIDI form. A donation is welcomed. 


A comprehensive  range of free online rehearsal material along with paid-for CDs.

Some free, some paid-for


Recordings are available on CD and MP3 for each voice part for a wide range of the major choral works (such as Messiah and the St Matthew Passion).


A discount can be obtained by quoting member code FAK.

John Fletcher

A subscription service, free for out-of-copyright files and with a small fee for copyright material.

Chord Perfect

Free-to-use online files plus plenty of interesting paid-for resources. Includes links to YouTube rehearsal videos.

Saffron Choral Prompt

Sells CDs featuring a separate voice-part (eg. 2nd Alto, 1st Bass) of a particular choral work, in English or the original language.

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